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Customer Service Sales Training Class Description

An entry-to-intermediate level program that teaches customer service representatives and other non-sales participants a consultative, “soft” selling approach.  Typically 2-3 days in length, this customer service sales training program is perfect for any group that deals with clients on a regular basis and is able to influence purchase criteria and/or behaviors.

Key the success of our Customer Service Sales Training is our ability to discern, and then reverse, negative thinking towards “sales.”  Face it, we all have experienced pushy and annoying salespeople as well as those who telemarket us at night!  Without the right attitude towards “selling,” the sales training will be ineffective.

When there is motivation and the right “soft sell” sales process, we’ve seen some amazing results.  In several cases, service people were promoted into the sales department after being “discovered.”  Indeed, the right motivation, process, training/coaching program, sales tools and facilitation can provide a tremendous ROI on service sales training.


Customer Service Sales Training Class Benefits

  • Expand your network of contacts and referral sources
  • Quickly get your ideas accepted and implemented
  • Understand your firm’s selling process
  • Get customers to sell themselves rather than “closing them”
  • Avoid the “feature wars” that lose customers and prospects
  • Spend less time “selling” and more time meeting client needs
  • Enhance your value to your company and build job security
  • Develop strong and long-lasting interpersonal relationships
  • Prevent objections and rejections
  • Increase your closing rate by gaining prospect commitments
  • Improve customer service sales results by role shifting with various personality types

 Topics Covered

  • How sales and customer service complement one another
  • Developing rapport, relationships and instant trust
  • Qualification
  • Questioning and needs assessment
  • Handling and preventing objections
  • Creating urgency
  • Closing sales and commitment building
  • Presentation skills

Customer Service Sales Training Class Outline

Soft Selling Benefits Your Customer

  • See why price is not the primary buyer consideration
  • Learn how sales and customer service professionals successfully influence purchase behavior
  • Discover why customers prefer a “soft sell” and people who listen well
  • Find out why customer service people often outsell professional salespeople


Selling to Different Personality Types

  • Understand the 4 personality types and how they buy
  • Practice shifting your sales style to match buyers’ buying styles
  • Enhance your ability to form relationships with customers and prospects
  • Boost customer service and sales receptiveness


Networking Your Way to the Top

  • Design your networking strategy
  • Develop your winning “elevator speech”
  • Feel confident approaching people
  • Qualify contacts and set up the next step


Prospecting for Leads and Referrals

  • Understand why people shop and the shopping sales cycle
  • Learn the 4 signs of “shopping” mode
  • Practice a 5-step process to shape your buyers’ criteria
  • Discover 9 great sources of prospect information
  • Pinpoint the prospects most likely to buy


Initial Prospect and Customer Contacts

  • Develop email and other marketing approaches to gain prospect interest
  • Learn effective lead follow-up techniques
  • Practice over 12 non-offensive telephone sales techniques
  • Avoid the 6 toxic sales expressions
  • Gain the help of receptionists and minimize telephone tag
  • Learn the 12 most powerful sales words


Qualifying Your Prospect

  • Gain complete qualification information with a 60-80% success rate on the first call
  • Enhance your results with effective questioning and listening skills
  • Develop your top 5 qualifiers
  • Enhance your ability to identify customer service and sales needs using 4 levels of questions


Getting Results on Every Interaction

  • Obtain at least 6 potential customer commitments
  • Maximize results using an 8-step procedure
  • Discover how features can cost you a sale
  • Help customers focus on value, not price
  • Develop strategies to up-sell and cross-sell customers


Handling and Preventing Objections

  • See why objections reduce your closing rates
  • Reduce and prevent objections with proven questioning techniques
  • Turn objections into benefits with a powerful, 3-step method
  • Use reference stories to boost your closing rate
  • Overcome price resistance, complaints, “I’m happy” and “Send me information”
  • Gain techniques for preventing common objections and dealing with rejection


Cementing the Relationship and Closing The Sale

  • Gain proven strategies for increasing your proposal closing rate
  • Turn proposals and demonstrations into an effective closing tool
  • Devise strategies to save clients more than the cost of your product or service
  • Learn effective ways to create urgency
  • Discover the power of 6 types of soft closes
  • Learn different closes that are effective with specific buyer types.

What’s Included and Additional Options

The Customer Service Sales Class Typically Includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training class design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify the class agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and facilitation by experienced sales trainers and course authors
  • Class workbook/reference manual, prizes and all sales training class materials
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive sales class format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than ten group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Five different games and contests
  • Four role-plays and three mini-role plays
  • Over 25 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-class reinforcement and application plan

Sales Tools Developed in the Customer Service Sales Class

  • Qualification questions
  • Needs assessment questions
  • List of “words that work”
  • Questions for each personality type
  • Potential benefits for each personality type
  • Objections and responses
  • Commitment sought


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added

Program Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process step development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting / sales consultant services
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Class completion certificates and reference cards
  • Customer Service Sales Training Class instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program


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