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12 Ways to Boost Sales Training Results

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12 Ways to Boost Sales Training Results 12 Ways to Boost Sales Training Results

Assess Your Sales Department

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Assess Your Sales Department Assess Your Sales Department

Increase Sales Results and Performance

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Increase Sales Results and Performance Increase Sales Results and Performance

Sales Tools Key Component of Training

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Sales Tools Key Component of Training Sales Tools Key Component of Training
  • Sales Courses AND Results!

    We're experienced, we produce measurable results and we offer customized sales training courses at prices similar to "canned" programs that are based on predefined selling processes. Although "canned" sales courses may sometimes produce a short-term sales lift, well-designed sales classes, created based on a firm's optimized sales process, will have a superior and longer lasting effect!

    Our senior sales experts, after interviewing, testing and observing your salespeople, develop an ideal selling process for your specific business. This process becomes the centerpiece of the sales courses we design for you. Unlike many sales training firms, we don't try to fit you into a highly-touted sales process or model. Instead, we develop a selling process just for your firm. Since we incorporate sales best practices already proven effective within your business, we're able to achieve results quickly and surpass competitors of yours that use a more generic, commonly-taught selling process.


    Beef Up Sales Training Effectiveness

    In short, typical sales classes often fail to fix major problems, change long-term behaviors or lead to large sales increases. Let us super charge your training with the 5 other sales performance "levers" that ensure you'll get a high ROI and quicker results.

    With our extensive library of customized sales training courses and experienced curriculum designers, we can quickly tailor our professional selling skills sales courses to address client business objectives, markets, challenges and opportunities. All of our sales courses typically include participant workbooks, slide shows, role-plays, exercises, games, contests, frequent evaluations, post-training reinforcement suggestions, leave-behind sales tools, prizes and reference materials.


    Customized Sales Training Courses


    How Our Sales Training Courses Are Different

    • Our customized sales training approach and pre-training sales process development yields impressive sales improvements
    • We use less-known and some unpublished sales techniques to provide a selling advantage
    • Our facilitators each has over 20 years of sales and sales training experience
    • We use accelerated learning techniques to boost long-term retention
    • Our library of sales courses entailed a $2 million investment and contains 96 course modules and 11,000 pages of materials
    • We achieve sustained results via post-training coaching and reinforcement
    • Many of our customized sales training courses are licensable and include comprehensive Instructor Guides and Train-the-Trainer classes
    • Results of each sales class can be enhanced with our Sales Improvement Program and other customized consulting services
    • Our ongoing collection of sales best practices in multiple industries enables us to provide a larger set of actionable recommendations to clients in areas such as salesperson hiring, compensation, management, measurement and strategic initiatives

  • About The Sales Alliance


    The Sales Alliance was founded in 1989 by Craig M. Arnoff. Having achieved cumulative revenue increases of over $1 billion with over 300 client firms, our senior sales trainers and consulants have the experience it takes to produce impressive results!
    We offer a range of sales training courses to help all sales personnel, from telesales to field sales to channel/major account sales, boost their revenues. And with over $2 million invested in proprietary sales training course materials, our customized sales training classes are unique, fun and effective.
    Our experience is vast and includes significant work in the following industries:

    • Advertising (print and electronic)
    • Building & Construction Products and Services
    • Cable and Telecommunications
    • Computer Software
    • Computer Hardware
    • Data, Analytics and Publications
    • Electronics Manufacturers
    • Health Care Products and Services
    • Medical Equipment, Devices and Supplies
    • Personnel Services
    • Professional Services
    • Technology Services
    • Distributors and Resellers
  • Canned Classes = Lower Sales?

    Poor Sales Training Can Lower Sales
    Companies often hope their sales training classes will boost revenues. But, many generic sales training courses fail to produce results or cause sales losses!
    Industrial psychologist and sales researcher Neil Rackham reports in a landmark study that sales results typically went DOWN after traditional, non-customized sales training classes were taught. Why?
    There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, including:
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Sales Classes | Sales Training Courses